Fellowship Team

The Fellowship Team at Peace Lutheran organizes several events during the year to bring members together socially. Year around we offer Sunday morning coffee to enjoy while visiting in our narthex café. Some of our annual events include a Winter Texan recognition before they return to their home state, Valentine’s breakfast close to February 14, an Easter Breakfast on Easter Sunday, a Mother’s Day breakfast to honor our mothers, a Father’s Day breakfast to honor our fathers, fifth Sunday after late service potluck, and an annual picnic held in the late spring. Oftentimes, the members are asked to bring side dishes or desserts to display their culinary skills. Recipes are often requested if something is really tasty. The Fellowship Team oversees the pre-service Lenten and Advent meals which are hosted by the other various teams. If there are special events during the year, the team provides food or refreshments.
During this period of the pandemic, our social activities have been restricted. We are hoping to restart our usual events once we are given the ‘all clear’ to host our members to our Sunday morning coffee, special recognitions, breakfasts, and picnic. We have missed being together and visiting and sharing so we are looking forward to a more normal way of life. Our prayers continue for this to happen.