Peace is a host congregation for Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels. Four times each year we welcome the guest families to our facility to enjoy fellowship and dinner prepared by our members, relax in cozy rooms with sofas and televisions, sleep on individual beds in our Sunday school rooms, start the next day with a light breakfast, and pack a lunch to take to the Day Center.

At the Day Center adults learn and practice job and life skills and have access to computers to search for employment and housing. Children develop friendships with one another, play outside and inside, and complete schoolwork.

Peace members volunteer in a variety of ways both at the Day Center and at our church to help homeless families become independent. Here are our hosting responsibilities.  Our Family Promise Coordinator is Karen Laughlin with assistants Shannon Johnson and Brandi Raschke. 

Prior to serving  as a volunteer for one of our host weeks - we require the following:

  • Attend a Family Promise Training provided by our Peace Lutheran Family Promise Team. (See Monthly Newsletters and E-Blasts for when a training session is coming up or reach out to our email to seek training).
  • Complete the Family Promise Background Check and return to Peace Lutheran Family Promise Team. (You will receive a copy of the background check form once you have completed Family Promise Training).

To get in contact with our team, please email with any questions on ways to get involved!