Sundays at 8:00 AM Parking Lot Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sundays at 10:00 AM Livestream Worship with St. Andrew Lutheran-Canyon Lake (with Virtual Holy Communion) 
Sundays at 1:00 PM Parking Lot Worship @ St. Andrew Lutheran-Canyon Lake with Holy Communion

All are welcome at Peace Lutheran. Our goal in worship is to provide an opportunity to gather in community to pray, share our faith story, and praise God. While we follow the Lutheran liturgical order, we seek to continually renew ourselves through active congregational participation.

Our services utilize ancient texts and melodies as well as contemporary and global songs. Worship is enhanced by a variety of instruments and voices including Jubilant Praise and a number of smaller vocal and instrumental ensembles. 

Voices in the Wilderness
Lent 2021

The season of Lent begins with Jesus entering the wilderness for forty days beginning this spiritual vision quest clarifying his path forward to the cross.  As we live in this pandemic time, we are in the wilderness, listening to the voice of God clarifying the way of the cross.  Join us Wednesdays at 7 pm to hear the voices in the wilderness speak. Worship is Livestream only.   

2/17     Ash Wednesday    Remember that You Are Dust
2/24     Lent 1                     Never Alone
3/3       Lent 2                     Leaving Ourselves at the Altar
3/10     Lent 3                     Away from Home
3/17     Lent 4                     Watering Dry Bones
3/24     Lent 5                     Oasis

Each week we hear a testimonial from folks who are have been affected by the pandemic and how they have seen God in the midst of their challenging situation.  Our readings highlight the lament Psalms which help to name our deep wounds and offer them before the Lord who hears the cries of His people.  

Praying the Psalms

The Lenten season is a time of deep spiritual reflection as we journey with Jesus to the cross and beyond.  The Psalms are a special book in the Bible that are prayers.  Some give praise; others are deep cries of lament.  Our prayers are meant to share the gamut of our humanity.  This year has been particularly hard on the world.  The Psalms are meant to give voice to our experience and share the fully with the Lord. Here is a guided reading to read and pray the Psalms.   


Wednesday 2/17-Day 1 (Read Psalm 51:1-17)
Thursday 2/18-Day 2 (Read Psalm 37)
Friday 2/19-Day 3 (Read Psalm 31)
Saturday 2/20-Day 4 (Read Psalm 32)
Monday 2/22-Day 5 (Read Psalm 52)
Tuesday 2/23-Day 6 (Read Psalm 48)
Wednesday 2/24-Day 7 (Read Psalm 119:49-72)
Thursday 2/25-Day 8 (Read Psalm 50)
Friday 2/26-Day 9 (Read Psalm 51)
Saturday 2/27-Day 10 (Read Psalm 139:1-17)
Monday 3/1-Day 11 (Read Psalm 56)
Tuesday 3/2-Day 12 (Read Psalm 62)
Wednesday 3/3-Day 13 (Read Psalm 72)
Thursday 3/4-Day 14 (Read Psalm 71)
Friday 3/5-Day 15 (Read Psalm 69)
Saturday 3/6-Day 16 (Read Psalm 23)
Monday 3/8-Day 17 (Read Psalm 77)
Tuesday 3/9-Day 18 (Read Psalm 78)
Wednesday 3/10-Day 19 (Read Psalm 119:97-120)
Thursday 3/11-Day 20 (Read Psalm 42)
Friday 3/12-Day 21 (Read Psalm 92)
Saturday 3/13-Day 22 (Read Psalm 136)
Monday 3/15-Day 23 (Read Psalm 89:1-18)
Tuesday 3/16-Day 24 (Read Psalm 94)
Wednesday 3/17-Day 25 (Read Psalm 101)
Thursday 3/18-Day 26 (Read Psalm 73)
Friday 3/19-Day 27 (Read Psalm 107:1-32)
Saturday 3/20-Day 28 (Read Psalm 108:1-6)
Monday 3/22-Day 29 (Read Psalm 35)
Tuesday 3/23-Day 30 (Read Psalm 126)
Wednesday 3/24-Day 31 (Read Psalm 119:145-176)
Thursday 3/25-Day 32 (Read Psalm 131)
Friday 3/26-Day 33 (Read Psalm 143:1-11)
Saturday 3/27-Day 34 (Read Psalm 137)
Monday 3/29-Day 35 (Read Psalm 36:5-11)
Tuesday 3/30-Day 36 (Read Psalm 71:1-14)
Wednesday 3/31-Day 37 (Read Psalm 70)
Thursday 4/1-Day 38 (Read Psalm 116:1-2; 12-19)
Friday 4/2-Day 39 (Read Psalm 22)
Saturday 4/3-Day 40 (Read Psalm 31:1-4; 15-16)



CLICK HERE for a complete handout with a devotional companion