"Make a joyful noise to the Lord..." (Psalm 98:4a)
Music is a central piece in Lutheran worship. You will find music in the liturgy – the participatory worship service – in which we often sing the good news.  Music is a form of prayer lifting our hearts to God, and hearing the good news proclaimed.  Our music program includes vocal, instrumental, and handbell ensembles. We welcome musicians of all skill levels! Whether you are a new instrumentalist, just starting out in the school band or orchestra, or a long-time musician wanting to become part of a group and play (or sing!) music, there’s a place for YOU! These are just some of our opportunities… 

For more information on how you can help us “Make a joyful noise…”, please contact the Peace office: or 830-620-0618.
Due to Covid restrictions, our music ministry continues to navigate what it means to “Make a joyful noise to the Lord…”  in these times.  Our music ministry department is continuing to provide music with both solo and small vocal and instrumental ensembles for both our Parking Lot and Live-streaming Worship Services as well as our in-person worship services.  


Jubilant Praise provides music for worship services.  It is a mixed ensemble of instruments and vocalists that helps lead the congregation in a variety of liturgies, songs, and worship styles. 

Peace Choir provides vocal solos and small ensembles for Sunday worship.

Peace Bells provide small ensembles for Sunday worship. 

Peace Puppets periodically provide music for Sunday worship.