Sundays at 8:00 AM Parking Lot Worship Service with Holy Communion
Sundays at 10:00 AM Livestream Outdoor Worship (with Holy Communion)
(Bring your own lawn chair for these services or tune in like normal logging into the Peace Facebook Page or  For those without chairs, we’ll have some handy and spread out.  Masks are still required for in-person activities.

Note: for any inclement weather, the outdoor service will be automatically canceled, and in-door live streaming worship will commence with a handful of worship leaders. This will be our practice until the building is ready to use once again. The 8 am Parking Lot worship continues for folks to gather in their cars.  The only Sunday we are not having the 8 am parking lot is April 4th.  The Parking Lot worship will NOT be canceled for inclement weather.)

All are welcome at Peace Lutheran. Our goal in worship is to provide an opportunity to gather in the community to pray, share our faith story, and praise God. While we follow the Lutheran liturgical order, we seek to continually renew ourselves through active congregational participation.

Our services utilize ancient texts and melodies as well as contemporary and global songs. Worship is enhanced by a variety of instruments and voices including Jubilant Praise and a number of smaller vocal and instrumental ensembles. 

Voices in the Wilderness
Lent & Holy Week 2021

The season of Lent began with Jesus entering the wilderness for forty days with a spiritual vision quest clarifying his path forward to the cross.  As we live in this pandemic time, we are in the wilderness, listening to the voice of God clarifying the way of the cross.  Here are the recordings of this past Lenten Services. 

2/17     Ash Wednesday       Remember that You Are Dust
2/24     Lent 1                      Never Alone
3/3       Lent 2                      Leaving Ourselves at the Altar
3/10     Lent 3                      Away from Home
3/17     Lent 4                      Watering Dry Bones
3/24     Lent 5                       Oasis

4/1       Maundy Thursday      Bulletin
4/2       Good Friday              Stations of the Cross
4/4       Easter Sunday           Worship